Lady Jay – Jasmine Di Benedetto

Portrait of Lady Jay

A complete artist.

These are the first words that crossed my mind when I met Jasmine Di Benedetto, in art Lady Jay.

As I explored her universe a little more, the words changed: a complete woman. But still wasn’t enough to describe what I was feeling and it only took a few more minutes to come up with the real words: a complete human being.

Lady Jay’s journey began at age 5, in dance, and sway her to the most different areas of Culture and Art: Jasmine is an historian, ethno-anthropologist, meditation and personal growth instructor, writer, cultural promoter, visual artist and dancer.

An “anthropomindfulness” life

On the count of being “fascinated by art, human beings, culture and existence”, Jasmine Di Benedetto has perfected her Mindfulness practice and considers her professional goal to disseminate the knowledge she acquired through studies and personal experiences that allowed her to be herself. Her entire self. And this is just a small part of what, perhaps, is her personal goal: the feeling you get when you see her page ( or her YouTube Channel ( is that Jasmine wants to give all her viewers, mere living beings not yet aware of their full potential, the opportunity to live the Anthropomindfulness lifestyle and become consciously human.

To live consciously is to be present with yourself, to act according to conscience, to follow intuition and to feel with the heart”.

Her world in her paintings

The artist’s words seem to rule the entire orchestra that is her universe – and, equally, they seem to take shape in her paintings. With strong colors and brushstrokes that, at first, can bring Expressionism and Cubism to our mind (however, don’t be fooled, her works are infinitely more complex than labels), Jasmine lets all of her (in)conscience explode on the screens – special attention is needed, at this moment, to the painting “SOUL EXPLOSION” (2019).

Having gained some more intimacy with her abstract paintings, it is clear that the artist’s works are an extension of her conscience, soul and philosophy of life – and here it is very important to highlight the works “Who I am?” (2019), “GO(L)D” (2019) and “NASCERE” (2019).

The anthropologist of conscience, as she wants to be known, studies “the human being, society and existence in a holistic approach” and, thus, provokes and invites us to think about what it would be like to truly live free.

We are who we decided to be and the moment we learn to hear the voice of conscience; then yes, the journey of self-discovery begins and so you begin to be totally free, happy and grateful to be able to live your life according to your goals”. When reading these words, I advise you, dear reader, having in mind the image of the painting “MICROCOSMOS” (2020).

Not only paintings: freedom

Beyond paintings, Jasmine takes her Anthropomindfulness and philosophy to the Anthropological Theater; to poetry – highlight for “BEING WOMAN IS A GIFT“; and to the books – it is extremely worthwhile to talk at this moment about “DIETRO LE SBARRE: Antropologia del mondo di dentro” (in English: “BEHIND BARS: Anthropology of the inner world”), where the author/anthropologist addresses the issue of rehabilitation of the prisoner, reconstructing the origin of the prison and the life within it, and proposes awareness meditation as a valid tool for re-education, in order to free the prisoner from the physical and mental cages (which bears an immense resemblance to philosophers like Foucault and Goffman).

Taking all these aspects into account, it is extremely seductive to imagine living the lifestyle that Jasmine offers us:

I learned to live with freedom, aware of my choices and free from the feelings of suffering caused by relationships, events, situations that lead us to consider life as something heavy, losing sight of its beauty and infinite possibilities. If we looked at each other, if we talked, what we would discover is that we all look for something we miss, we all feel the need to rediscover things like: the freedom to express ourselves, the freedom to live, the freedom to be healthy, the freedom to be light and smiling”.

It is very likely that I left out some other incredible sounds that make up Lady Jay’s orchestra. And for that, I ask a profound forgiveness to the readers.

In return, I invite you, dear reader, to explore, for yourself, the unexplainable universe of the artist, author, anthropologist, dancer, historian, ethno-anthropologist, meditation and personal growth instructor, cultural promoter, woman, human being.

Main exhibitions and participations

Rome Art Week 2019
Participation at Rome art week 2019. Collective 2be art. At the "Bauhaus Home Gallery" - Pigneto, Rome. Curator: Ilaria Giacobbi. Exhibition of three works.
Rome Art Week 2019
Project "Art in meditation". Guide to listening to our body with art.
Collective Palazzo Velli - Rome
Contemporary Rome Art Prize Vol 1 - II Edition. Curator: Ilaria Giacobbi.
bePart the largest collective show Ever
Exhibition at the Atelier Montez in Rome. Curator: Marco Crispano.
Oct 26, 2019
Oct 29, 2019
November 2019

Jasmine's Paintings