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Blockchain is one of the emerging technologies and is considered to be the one of the key drivers of the next industrial revolution. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are used by leaders in technology, finance and humanitarian aid because of its decentralized ledger. Like other industries, the art

The Art market or the Stock market? Arts are under-estimated assets, and the art market is quite under-reported. However, investing in art presents investors with several benefits. In fact, the art market might be comparatively better than the stock market.

The promotion strategies of artists have changed considerably throughout history. The marketing of culture has a particularity that other fields do not have, so there is a classification of its own. Unlike any other activity, in art, works are not products, the price is not value

Invest in art

Art nourishes life, improves the economy, develops the social tissue of a territory. Art is a sustainable and responsible form of investment. A way of investing in culture, and therefore in the development of the spirit. For entrepreneurs, art creates networks and alliances. It introduces new possibilities

In December of 2011, Charlie Brooker gifted the world with the shocking, merciless and incredible first episode of his series Black Mirror. The premise of the show is simple: the narratives are centered “on obscure and satirical themes that examine modern society, particularly regarding the unforeseen consequences of new technologies”.

If you prefer to listen: There is a belief that we have carried intrinsically to our society for centuries: the artist has to go through hunger and need and suffering to be an artist. Well, at least to be a good artist. After all, how can he