“Jule_itsanartlife” – Giuliana Amorosi

The painter Giuliana Amorosi

The art of Giuliana Amorosi (known as Jule_itsanartlife, ed.), is very introspective. The artist brings back on canvas those who are her most hidden thoughts. Through a true visual poetry, she succeeds in the difficult task of communicating what is actual hidden.

Her painting investigates the human condition and tells her joys and its most intimate ills. A painting that very often rotates around the contradiction between light and dark. A light that is in fact the light of salvation. Its stretches are always very soft. Giuliana tracks on canvas, an extraordinaty melody,

Through an ideal sonnet she tells us different stories. Stories that we must listen in strict silence. Stories that lead us into the world of Giuliana.

A world of thousands shades. Of considerable critical interests in her work “Dissonances”. A work in which the female character becomes the true protagonist of a scene.

Salvatore Russo

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